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The most popular vehicles inVietnamfor tourists are: 4-seat Toyota Altis (or Toyota Vios, Ford Lazer), 7-seat Toyota Innova (or Ford Everest), 16-seat Mercedes Sprinter (or Ford Transit), 24-seatHyundaiCounty, 45-seat Hyundai Aero Space....


Normally, 4-seat car is good for 1 or 2 guests, 7-seat is for 3 to 4 guests, 16-seat van is for 5 ~ 8 guests, 24-seat mini bus is for 9 to 15 guests and 45-seat bus is for 16 ~ 30 guests. With these arrangements, passengers are more comfortable with more space on our vehicles. And, prices are not much different between 4 & 7 seat or 7 & 16 seat...

Our vehicles are maintained in good condition with all functions (air-con, seat belts) running well. Our drivers are well trained in driving and interpersonal skills. The driver is not only there to drive the car, but also to act as your assistant for any matter that needs attention.

Here is our tariff for your reference. You can also check with us the detailed price for any routes of your traveling plan.

Car for rent (Price per km in US dollars)

Kind of car

Under 100km

Price per day

Above 150 km

4 to 7-seat car

US$ 50

US$ 0.25

16-seat van

US$ 60

US$ 0.32

24-seat bus

US$ 70

US$ 0.40

35-seat bus

US$ 90

US$ 0.50

45-seat bus

US$ 120

US$ 0.65

Our prices include:

+ Car rental
+ Professional driver
+ Gasoline
+ Toll fees
+ Parking fees
+ Car insurance
+ Food and accommodation for driver

We also offer luxury car rental service. Price and availability shall be advised upon certain request.

Our driver - Mr. Hien, driving the 16-seat van

Our friendly Dat and his 7-seat car
Please contact us at should you need any further information.
13A Chau Long Str, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: +84 4 37 15 25 50, Fax: +84 4 37 17 05 88
Email: Skype: binhtours

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